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YAO Facials

At YAO we don’t up-sell you on specific treatments for anti-aging, brightening, deep pore cleansing, detoxing or otherwise as a day spa or medical spa might.  You receive all of that and more from every YAO Facial.  Our esthetician not only looks at what would be best for your skin, but also works with what your concerns and desires. The entire line of OSEA and YAO brand products are at her finger tips. Osea is an organic sea algae based line of products sourced from Patagonian seaweed and we have found that this lovely gift from the sea is exactly what our high altitude mountain region patients and clients need.  And YAO products are pure ingredients designed to feed your skin creating that finishing touch of bright radiance.

Additionally, YAO Beauty utilizes two different Circadia peels and the Circadia OxygenRX to provide the correct amount of light "damage" that reminds your skin how to generate cellular function that acts YOUNG again!  When we incorporate these options for botanical resurfacing, we will only charge you a clinical product fee as these products and the technical expertise in applying them cost a teense more.  But we truly are just covering our costs to bring your skin everything it may need.  In the same way that our Medicine practice here at YAO brings their A game to your health, YAO Beauty brings their A game to your skin. These lovely restorative and calming sessions will provide a boost in your skin’s natural ability to radiate your health and beauty.

YAO 30 MInute Maintenance FACIAL $45

Real deal radiance starts with snappy skin rituals that work! Such as...the YAO Maintenance Facial.  The YAO Ext. Facial & the Signature Facial are wonderful about 4 X a year, but what about that 1 X a month quickie  facial to boost your home care.  In 30 mins you get cleansed, exfoliated & moisturized.  We take mindful pampering to a whole new level of timeliness by respecting your busy life & your desire to attend with regularity to the largest organ of your body, your SKIN. This is also the facial you want to book if you wish to receive the Mandelic Botanical Resurfacing (see below) (Fall-Spring). The Mandelic requires a consult with our Esthetician prior to peel.  This peel requires an extensive post-peel kit as well.  There is a $30 clinical product fee for this addition. You can't beat this price for the Maintenance Facial on its own or with the Mandelic included!

YAO Signature Facial 60 Minute $85

Boost your radiance by booking the The YAO Signature Facial either as a stand alone that includes all the bells and whistles of the extended with shorter times for all the main events: cleanse, steam, exfoliate, extract, lymphatic massage, hot/cold hydrotherapy wraps, serums and the works.  This is also the PERFECT facial to book if you want to add on an Oxygen RX treatment (see below) which is wonderful for those requiring assistance with acne, rosacea  or anti-aging.  OR it can also be coupled with the Lactic Botanical resurfacing (peel/see below).  The lactic is a gentle peel that improves skin texture increases skin clarity and softens lines providing a wonderful glow. There is a $20 clinical product fee for each of these. 

YAO EXTENDED FACIAL 90 minute $110

YAO Beauty functions on the idea of mindful pampering that leaves you with a happy face and ultimately, real deal radiance.  Experience the ultimate facial indulgence with YAO's Extended Facial!  This 90 minute relaxing deep pore cleansing includes a double cleanse, double exfoliation, a hydrating steam with extractions, essential oil skilled lymphatic massage, hot and cold hydrotherapy wraps during masking, serum infusions and a whole lot of extra massaging on hands and feet.  The YAO Extended Facial is a fabulous choice for your first time facial or if it’s been a while between treatments. 

botanical cosmetic resurfacing (peel) Clinical Product fee $20/$30

We offer two fantastic botanical peels  that offer a deep exfoliation that many refer to as a "chemical" peel. "Chemical" simply refers to the fact that the substance painted onto the face has a "chemical reaction" with the surface layers of the skin.  At YAO we use botanically based products by Circadia filled with vitamins and stem cells that are extracted and combined at a highly technical level to give your skin not only a deep cosmetic resurfacing, but also the nourishment and stimulation it needs to function on a cellular level youthfully.  The Lactic can be combined with the YAO Signature Facial with a clinical product fee of $20 and the Mandelic Peel can be combined with the 30 minute YAO Maintenance Facial with the addition of a clinical product fee of $30. Both can assist with improvement of brightness, tightness and overall texture of the skin. If you are unsure which peel may the correct one for you, feel free to schedule a free 15 minute consultation with our YAO Beauty Esthetician or chat with her by phone before you book!

  • The Lactic Peel $20 Clinical Product Fee (Book with YAO Signature Facial - Available year round) - This peel is a natural mild peel which will improve the skin texture and give the skin some clarity, soften lines and give a wonderful glow.  It is known that this was Cleopatra's secret to beautiful skin, as she bathed each day in fermented goat's milk.  Lactic Acid is the active ingredient in soured milk and is the base for this peel!  You will have no downtime with this peel and you can wear makeup the next day.  This peel is suitable for most skin types and ideal for aging, dry and sensitive skin including rosacea. Those who are experiencing the following are not good candidates for this peel: hypersensitivity, problems with being allergic to anything, compromised lipid barrier, pregnant or nursing clients, open wounds, herpetic breakouts, those on Accutane (acne drug) within the last year, or those who have had facial waxing within the last week. If you are on any product that is Retin-A, Renova or Vitamin A, you must stop it one week prior to treatment. 
  • The MandeliClear Peel  $30 Clinical Product Fee (Book with YAO Maintenance Facial - Available Fall- Spring)- An award winning peel that helps with lightening of acne scars, melasma, and age spots.  Mandel is the word for almond in German and fittingly, it is the acids extracted from both almonds and cherries that form the active ingredient extracted by hydrolysis of Mandelic Acid that is in this peel.   It creates wonderful results for anti-aging.  You will have 3 to 4 days right after this peel is done of continued physical peeling.  Activities that would cause excessive sweating for the first 24 hours are not recommended.  Sun exposure during the first week is to be avoided and after that over a month's time, you will need to be sure to protect your skin as it will be photo sensitive. This peel is suitable for all skin types; however, darker skin types must use some lightening products 1 week before the treatment.   Those who are experiencing the following are not good candidates for this peel: those taking aspirin or with salicylic sensitivity, pregnant or nursing women, those with open wounds or lesions, those on Accutane (acne drug) within the last year, or those who have had facial waxing within the last week. If you are on any product that is Retin-A, Renova or Vitamin A, you must stop it one week prior to treatment. 

Year Round Anti-Aging/blemish treatment Clinical product fee $20

If you are committed to a regimen to improve your skin's complexion and create a nurtured resilience and youthful glow, we have a wonderful adjunct treatment just for you. This treatment can be used as a stand alone one time treatment; however if you are a rosacea or an acne client, we recommend that for maximum benefit you perform this treatment once a week for three consecutive weeks. 

  • OxygenRX Treatment $20 Clinical Product Fee (Book with YAO Signature Facial - Available year round)- This treatment created by Circadia creates wonderful results for any clients and is especially beneficial for those suffering with acne and rosacea as well as those interested in supporting an anti-aging protocol. It assists with clearing acne and calming red, irritated skin by functionally killing bacteria that can be creating these skin challenges.  The anti-aging benefits for the skin include clarity, firmness and glow by infusing the cells effectively with increased oxygen that promotes the energetic cellular cycle and allows the cells to begin acting functionally younger once again. This professional treatment is suitable for all except those with allergies to citric acid of any kind (oranges, lemons and grapefruit). 

Please also remember that our beauty services exclude gratuity.  Please see below for YAO's gratuity recommendation.

YAO Waxing and Tinting Services

 It's all about that soft, smooth supple and hair free skin!  And by the way, who wants their mascara to run down their face or their brow liner to wear off in the increasingly warm weather? YAO's waxing and tinting services are designed to reflect the beauty you choose to be by offering these options of services.  Please read the details on these services below.


At YAO we use a wonderful product for traditional waxing called Lycon that is completely botanical.  YAO Beauty offers all traditional waxing options from brows, face, legs and regular bikini to full back, chest, arms, and Brazilian.  Please read more here on All You Ever Wanted To Know About Brazilians & The 411 On Other Waxing Services. This is a fantastic article on understanding more about Brazilians, YAO and Waxing as well as how to care for yourself before, during and after waxing services.


If you’ve never tried tinting, you will discover what a fun easy pick me up this can make as an accent to your normal beauty routine.  Tinting eyelashes and eyebrows is a really great way to accentuate your eyes without the use of messy or smudgy mascara or brow pencils.  The tint generally lasts about 6-8 weeks. The technique that Nancy uses is one that is both quick and long lasting.  Additionally, her skilled hands attend to all the little lashes on the bottom lid and the longer ends of those on the top lid creating a fully framed eye with lush lashes.  Tinting brows can also work well to make your eyes stand out.  Tinting is a fabulous way to make a small but noticeably bold change. 


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Gratuities are excluded from service fees and are welcome at your discretion.  
In consideration of our therapists, YAO recommends a
minimum gratuity of 18% of the STANDARD service fee.