Restore, Rebalance, Radiate

We are thrilled to introduce to you Nancy Swan.  Nancy was recruited through a very difficult process and was personally selected by one of Denver's top Esthetic Experts privately hired by YAO.  You see, at YAO, it is not only important to have the top of the line esthetician, but it is equally important that they be a part of our unified staff with our Bodywork and Medicine departments.  This means that  our many patients coming in to make big life changes will get integrated care from YAO Beauty assisting them to reflect their inner changes outwardly.  Nancy is the one making this happen for our patients and clients at YAO.

 From Consistent Nourishment Arises Timeless Beauty!

MEEt Nancy

We present to you...Nancy Swan!  We have nothing but amazing things to share with you about Nancy, and we are just beyond thrilled to have her join our team of care providers here at YAO.  Not only has Nancy worked in three top San Francisco Bay Area spas (the Claremont Spa, Nob Hill Spa and The Kabuki), but she has also worked at one of the top spas in LA - the Beverly Hilton.  

While Nancy was employed as the Manager of Massage Services at the Nob Hill Spa  (note that Nancy has been also practicing in the field  of massage now for 20 + years), in the interest of expanding their integrative services between bodywork and beauty, she experienced a life inspiring facial.  After receiving this, Nancy knew this was something she had to learn and within a year she was practicing Esthetics and was quick to obtain a position as the Director of Esthetic Services at The Kabuki.  She  has been working as an Esthetician ever since and integrates her deep knowledge of the overall body with both a very learned and intuitive knowledge of esthetics.

In alignment with YAO, Nancy works with her clients both by understanding that the skin is nourished both internally and externally.  Of course internally with the food that is ingested and externally by nourishing the skin appropriately. Nancy specializes in creating streamlined home care plans that are simple and with out fuss yet with substance and is excited to be working alongside the YAO staff and working together for the overall wellbeing of the patient. Her initial impression of the staff is that there is a very high level of technical skill with that old worldly feel of the family oriented business. 

The most exciting part for us at YAO as a team is that Nancy understands that the face is a representation of what is happening in the overall health of the individual.  Her skills and technique approach the facial with the ability to affect the entire body.  She is skilled in acupressure and lymphatic techniques that truly go beyond one's normal experience with a facial.  Her treatments will not just address the skin on the face but will have a deeply profound effect on your entire body.

Additionally, she recognizes the high stress and often times  lack of rest that we as Americans living in today's day and age are experiencing.  Ayurvedic practice originally used facials to calm certain states of being.  She does not view skin care as a "fluffy" or frivolous  treatment.  She sees that there is a way in which when we go to receive this type of grooming care from another we are met at a deeper level.  This type of grooming is something that we simply can not give to ourselves.  There is an incredible level of nourishment received by the individual when they come in for treatment whether for a facial, waxing, tinting, etc. 

We highly encourage you to come experience a Facial or other beauty services with Nancy here at YAO.  We know you will be blown away by her skill level and all that she has to offer you!  Request and appointment today!