At present, YAO requires anyone interested in joining the YAO Medicine team to begin here at the front desk UNLESS you bring with you 5- 10 years of experience post Chinese Medical studies .  The front desk is actually THE most important place and the most important position of the entire clinic. Having a base understanding of what is required to coordinate a variety of types of appointments, labs, patient follow up, create reasonable expectations, communicate quickly/efficiently and effectively with the practitioners is incredibly demanding.

YAO is looking for a dedicated individual looking to assist at the front desk reception position  part-time.  

The successful candidate will have the following qualifications:

  • Apple Computer proficiency
  • Capable in Word, iMessage & Tech saavy enough to handle multiple online booking programs
  • Understanding of HIPPA Compliance
  • EXCELLENT customer service skills - handling sick people with both compassion and grace while at the same time managing the needs of the clinic as a business.
  • Fabulous phone skills and interpersonal skills.  Carrying on a personable conversation either over the phone or with customers in the waiting room is crucial.
  • Proficiency in writing communication - specifically being able to write in email form - eloquently, compassionately and even firmly and decisively with  both correct spelling and grammar
  • Ability to communicate clearly with a mature professionalism - this means with emotional maturity. We do not allow petty gossip, petty "freak outs" etc. to be anywhere near our clinic. We have way too much riding on other people's health to allow that inside.
  • Quick thinking, good memory for small details, and the ability to prioritize while taking into consideration both the needs of the patient and the ability to deliver from the clinical staff ...are HUGE!
  • Willingness to live a life that YAO purports.  This is something you will learn as you go at YAO, but understanding that you may be asked to remove gluten, dairy and eggs from your diet and have a willingness to create your own wellness while applying YAO cosmological lenses and taking the time to understand the why and the how will be essential. 
  • Availability for either morning or afternoon hours at YAO. We are looking for someone to be available Tuesdays- Fridays either from 9:30am -3:00pm OR 2:00pm-7:30pm PLUS Saturdays 11:30am-6pm-. There is some level of flexibility on end time in either morning or afternoon schedules. 
  • The correct fit will EITHER be a recent graduate from Chinese Medical School interested in becoming a Medical Intern at YAO...OR a very serious professional who has possibly worked at a law firm in Reception and is comfortable with a part time position of reception.

We are an incredibly busy clinic. End of day rituals of wrap up can end in a huddle of high fives confirming a job well done!

Compensation is based on experience and can range from $13-$15.  YAO has a wonderful wellness program for its employees based on the number of hours that they are at YAO. We are very proud of our deep caring for the staff that supports our patients.

how to apply

We begin our hiring process with candidates submitting their resume AND COVER LETTER - to [email protected] In the cover letter, please include why you are interested in YAO Clinic (what intrigues you, how you know of us, etc.), why you might be interested in Chinese Medicine and what your level of dedication to this field is or what you have learned in previously working at a law firm as far as top professional behavior.  What courses have you taken, what inspires you, and more?

We look forward to hearing from you and are wishful that your journey in this field is AWESOME!