yao's "new Mommy" post-partum package

We couldn't be more happy to offer this very special package to new Mothers.   Having a new addition to the family can be both exciting and exhausting. At YAO we strive to keep new Moms healthy and one step ahead by offering a monthly package of wellness visits.   Our wellness visits are a wonderful opportunity for Moms to not only have a time of rest and rejuvenation, but also a chance to discuss any challenges that can pop up both in their own health and in their baby’s health.

Our doctors at YAO are keen to the challenges of new family dynamics, breast feeding, going back to work and the challenges of staying at home with baby (and possibly the other siblings). Moms are the anchor of the family and if Mom can create health for herself then chances are everyone in the family will be healthier.

We know that growing a new family can be financially challenging and we therefore offer this package at a much discounted rate of ONLY $85 per month and throw in a fabulous FREE 1 hour massage and extended facial right on top to be sure Mom also has some quiet time tending to herself through the relaxing touch of YAO’s Bodywork and Beauty. Clearly massage can be helpful for Moms to have their own time for relaxation; however, YAO Beauty offers the additional benefit of addressing any hormonal issues affecting Mom’s skin.

Being that Mom's are the heart of the family many women  find that they want their partner/significant other or possibly one of their children to be seen here at YAO.  Never fear! We can add up to 4 family members onto your account so that they would receive 10% off on all the other services we offer here at YAO.

Your YAO Clinician may decide to prescribe herbs during your visit or you might possibly want to purchase something from the YAO Marketplace, your New Mommy Membership allows you to receive 5% off all YAO Marketplace items! It's a super, super, super steal!

* Please note that the package is available to EVERYONE but we need to establish you as a new patient.

Please note that gratuity for Bodywork and Beauty services are not included.  Please see Bodywork and Beauty Service pages for YAO's gratuity recommendations or feel free to call and ask!