YAO Wellness Programs

Appointments & Consultations


This two hour appointment is where our new patients come in to meet with YAO's Chief Clinician, Daniel Hudson, LAc and is often joined by our Associate Clinician, Juan Orraca, LAc,  for the first time. During this appointment we encourage the patient to bring any other lab work or paperwork that they may have from any other doctor. Additionally, each patient will complete some initial patient paperwork that will help our doctors understand what is happening. During the appointment there will be a thorough nutritional consult, more than likely an acupuncture treatment and a plan of action on how to move forward. Each visit is very individual and tailored to the patient. Lastly, the patient may need to receive a very carefully constructed Chinese Herbal formula developed in our pharmacy by one of our doctors; however, this doesn't happen for each person. Follow ups to this visit can be doctors here to let them know how things are progressing.


STANDARD Physician Visit

This is a one hour appointment that includes a check up and an acupuncture treatment.

45 minute Consult

Our 45 minute consult is often used for our YAO doctor to review lab work that has been done or to discuss how to move forward.


The 15 minute consult can often times serve for people who have to meet with one of our physicians due to the onset of an acute illness or often times those who are looking to get pregnant and need to consult with our physicians on the status of their cycle.  

Other Services

Formula Refill

Sometimes our patients are on a maintenance basis but need their formula refilled from time to time.  They can simply email in their request and either come to pick up their formula or have it sent to them.


We offer a variety of lab tests to our patients depending on what is recommended by their YAO Physicians.  These tests can range from routine blood work to food sensitivity testing.