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Medicine is Art: Art is Medicine

Alright everyone...OCTOBER 1st is the date. You know you love hearing him speak his wisdom during your visits to he incorporates brutal honesty and incredible humor; so come here him TALK. This talk will have a really fun twist. Daniel will be speaking on Medicine is Art/Art is Medicine at the Denver Art Museum and co-sponsored with YAO by the Asian Art Association.

Here's a teaser: He will be exploring how the expression of human creative skill and imagination (ART) can be used to stimulate opening, flow and movement where stagnation may be in your life. This is YAO...this is Medicine! The discussion will include touring various items in the museum that show how this works. Daniel will be the first speaker, but the entire day is going to be FABULOUS. Please call today to get your tickets reserved! 720-913-0130

For more information on the event, visit the Medicine is Art: Art is Medicine Facebook Page

Or read more on the Denver Art Museum's Website