Esthetician – TAMI KEEGAN: 

Tami’s touch and demeanor is calm and nurturing.  She loves and appreciates beauty and being in her presence allows you to feel and appreciate your own beauty.  Tami brings to YAO over ten years of experience as an esthetician.

Having seen thousands of customers over the years has developed her keen eye both for accurate skin analysis with her clients as well as spot on recommendations of individualized therapeutic skin-care programs.  Her gentle hands and skilled technique in waxing and tinting create a wonderful beauty retreat experience at YAO.

Tami also works in conjunction with your YAO Medicine provider to incorporate seamless health and wellness both internally and externally. We are thrilled to have Tami on our team.


 When I schedule my beauty services, it is always a special time for me.  A space to get away, to take time and allow someone to tend to me in ways that I value.  Making time to look my best allows me to feel confident and radiant for many days to follow.  Tami’s kind and sweet nature is very nourishing to my spirit.  Her attention to detail in everything she does is extremely apparent.  This confidence in her work allows me to just relax into her beautiful space at YAO and know that this is my time.  Her gentle touch during facials lulls me into a quiet sleep and the lovely aromas of the OSEA products that she uses are a highlight of the facial experience.  I am always grateful for her knowledgeable recommendations for the use of various skin care products.  Tami is wonderful.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~Penny L.