Shannon offers a diverse set of techniques that she tailors to each individual YAO patient’s needs.  Her in depth training of Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Motion Palpation, Central Nervous System (CNS) Massage, Cranial Sacral/Energy Work, Structural Integration and Neuromuscular Therapy allow her to effortlessly unwind the many tensions held within the body’s structure.

Shannon applies Deep Tissue massage by using both hot stones and t-bars to stimulate trigger points for Structural Integration and Neuromuscular Therapy. Additionally, her skilled use of heat therapy and Chinese linaments increase her ability to assist our patient’s bodies in unfolding right along with her “coup de grace” stretching and range of motion techniques.

When we call out  “Shannon” here at YAO, we are truly saying, “Shannon, when can I get on your table?”  Shannon’s passion for massage, nurturing nature and compassionate connection with our patients allows us to feel well rounded in our capacity to create a healing environment here at YAO.


“I don’t know that I could find the correct words to describe just how well aligned my body, mind and soul feel when Shannon works on me.  Whenever I have an issue with my body, I feel confident knowing that Shannon’s expert technique will bring me back to my true self in a space of joy and peace. “                                                                                                                                           ~Gabe Jones

“I have been seeing Shannon for close to a year.  This has been the first time that I have received regular bodywork and it has absolutely changed my life! I know now that I need regular massage to be fully present in my life on all levels and truly anchored in my body – not to mention feel good!

“I appreciate that Shannon brings her deep presence to each moment of the massage.  I can feel her listening to my body with patience and full attention. She is incredibly in tune with what is needed at all times and has a variety of expertly studied tools to address whatever arises.  No two sessions are the same.  Her touch is so nourishing and full of love and skill.  I feel like a new person every time I get off her table.”                                                                                                                              ~Nicole Sylvestre, MA