YAO  is currently hiring for the position of Associate Clinician.   The successful candidate will have 5-10 years of experience as an LAc/OMD under their belt and are now looking to support the patients of YAO, grow their own practice under the supportive structure of YAO's Chinese Medical Hospital & Flash Clinic  as well as a desire to continue their professional education alongside Daniel Hudson, owner/founder.

If you are interested in becoming part of a team that is taking Chinese Medicine to the next level in the United States by developing not just a premiere Denver clinic, but a model that can be replicated in other cities, YAO could very well be right up your alley!  This is a salaried position with compensation based on years of experience.  Here are the things we are looking for in our future Associate Clinician Team Member  at YAO.

  • An idea of area of focus or expertise within Chinese Medicine is a plus! (OBGYN, Pediatric, Neurological, pain, etc.)
  • Enthusiasm, passion and dedication to the profession of Chinese Medicine
  • Excitement for learning and continuing your education both through YAO and other CME's of interest
  • Stamina that it takes to see an intense patient load. Supporting patients on their path is no walk in the woods.  It can be more like climbing a fourteener! We need someone up for the commitment it takes to be a REAL DEAL physician.
  • Past experience working in a granular herbal pharmacy and a joy of working with herbs and Chinese Herbal formulas.
  • Desire to expand beyond basic training received in Chinese Medical schools - learning to read blood labs, food sensitivity labs and have a basic understanding of a functional medicine approach.
  • Strong work ethic.  That means sometimes that regular days off that one might want are put on hold...we are ultimately responsible to a large number of patients and their continuity of care is of utmost importance to us.
  • Ability and comfort with giving talks representing YAO as necessary.
  • Respect for your elders in the field.  Working with Daniel Hudson is no joke.  This is serious training.  You have to know when to respectfully watch, listen and absorb and then know when it is appropriate to ask questions.  Asking mindless questions throughout the day is not tolerated.
  • Understanding of YAO Company's import products -the line of Yin-care products and Altigen.  There are often many questions that come in via email and phone regarding our products and we need to have knowledgeable and skilled practitioners available to answers these questions for other practitioners using the products with their patients.
  • Wonderful interpersonal skills used for: communicating patient issues to other health care providers at YAO so that the patient can receive the BEST care YAO has to offer, communicating maturely and effectively with all other staff at YAO.
  • High level of written and verbal communication.  This may seem trivial,  but we believe at YAO that being able to pick up the phone and call our patients as needed and talk with them about their plan of care or find out how they are doing after a surgery, etc. is imperative.  There absolutely HAS to be a comfort level about being able to call up the people you have been working with and see how they are doing. Likewise, being able to email them when necessary is also essential.  Written skills would include good grammar and proper spelling as well as a well structured paragraph of communication and proper use of email signatures with embedded contact information.
  • Tech savvy skills - Our practitioners are asked to take notes in an electronic health record, check in/out using an online system on an iPad, and occasionally use email or the internet.  So some level of tech savvy is absolutely necessary.
  • Personal Emotional Intelligence is key! We are very busy with extremely difficult cases at YAO Clinic and value our patient's out of pocket resources immensely.  Therefore, we do not tolerate petty chit chat or gossip at YAO. Everything communicated in and between employees is to build and strengthen the team, allow for growth of each individual involved and create top notch care for our patients.
  • Willingness to live a life that YAO purports.  This is something you will learn as you go at YAO, but understanding that you may be asked to remove gluten, dairy and eggs from your diet and have a willingness to create your own real deal health while applying YAO cosmological lenses and taking the time to understand the why and the how will be essential. 
  • Need to have passed your licensing exams in Chinese Medicine and have an active liability policy in place.

YAO has a wonderful health program for its employees based on the number of hours that they are at YAO. We are very proud of our deep caring for the staff that supports our patients.

Compensation is based on experience and is designed in a way that respects the employees's time that they set aside to be at YAO.  The structure will be described on an individual basis. 


We begin our hiring process with candidates submitting their resume AND COVER LETTER - to [email protected] In the cover letter, please include why you are interested in YAO Clinic (what intrigues you, how you know of us, etc.), why you are interested in Chinese Medicine and what your level of dedication to this field is. What courses have you taken, what inspires you, and more. Should this first hoop be successfully jumped through, there will be an in person interview of a pool of candidates.  From there, the top candidates will meet with the owner Daniel Hudson and may be asked to complete a practical portion of the interview to be determined.

We look forward to hearing from you and are wishful that your journey in this field is AWESOME!