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From Consistent Nourishment Arises Timeless Beauty

At YAO we strive to bring the entire body into balance including face and skin.  It is our wish that your inner health, wellness and beauty be reflected on the outside and we are happy to offer services through YAO Beauty to support you. We use the full line of OSEA Natural Derived Skin Care which is both vegan and gluten free and the seaweed & sea algae contained within the products are also USDA Certified Organic. OSEA brings the nourishment of the ocean waters near Patagonia where the seaweed and algaes are harvested to the dryness of the Colorado Rocky Mountain Region of Denver.  We are more than thrilled to have Nancy Swan our highly skilled esthetician here to serve you at YAO Beauty.

YAO Beauty is designed to support the every day person, both male and female, in their pursuit of not only the expression of their inner beauty, but also in their need for consistent regular grooming and nurturing which has become an often forgotten piece of human nature. We strive to make our Beauty program at YAO affordable to those who consider their reflection of their outer beauty to contribute to how they feel and express themselves in their everyday lives. YAO Beauty truly is a place where when you walk out the door you not only look amazing but feel spectacular.

Additionally, the YAO Beauty room has been specially designed to allow for deep relaxation using the ancient art and science of  Chinese Feng Shui as well as incorporating the top of the line esthetics equipment.

In addition to coming in for your YAO Beauty appointment, you may be inter-referred to the YAO Medicine Department where tailor made compounded formulas can be created for the individual as it relates to thicker hair,  fewer wrinkle lines or even brighter skin tone.  We look forward to seeing you at YAO Beauty.  Request your appointment today.